🀝Process to Join


If you want to join the Dartmouth Blockchain Community and get access to a community of other students on campus interested in blockchain, join our Discord here and start chatting!


If you want to join the Dartmouth Blockchain Core, email dartmouthblockchain@protonmail.com to set up a chat. After the chat, you will be invited to a Core meeting to meet some of the other Core members.

Before joining, you will write one brief reseach piece that relates to an area of blockchain that you are interested in with a timeline of typically one week. Once the Core receives your brief research piece, and assuming it is up to the standards outlined here, your piece will be published on our Medium, and you will officially be a member of the Core and fill one of the 21 spots.


All core members are reviewed on a termly basis by the Head of Core. If Core members are not meeting the deliverables they agreed to at the start of the term, they will no longer be Core members.

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