Current Projects

A short breakdown on the projects some Core members are working on independently
We love to showcase what our members are working on outside of the club. Feel free to reach out to any of the team members below if you want to support or hear more about their projects.
Anthias.xyz is a suite of blockchain data analytics tools created to simplify and democratize access to important blockchain data. The initial tool was a dashboard to track the liquidation health of borrowers on Aave. The team is rapidly expanding its offering of this liquidation health dashboard to other protocols while also expanding its product suite. Anthias was approved for Gitcoin's GR15. The team also finished its first grant with Euler Finance in September. Since then, the team has received more grants from both Aave and Euler.
Team: Charlie Ambrose, Alex Craig, Luke Xie
Forest Fund
The Forest Fund will focus on a variety of investment opportunities around the blockchain ecosystem. The team is currently researching opportunities in areas ranging from mining to angel investing. Members will gain further real-world investing experience in a variety of fields and will also hopefully help to fund other research/development projects built by Core members. The fund plans to have at least low-mid five figures in capital by the end of 22F.
Team: Jackson Gerard, Max Sclar, DJ Matusz, Youngjoo Lee
Forest DeFi Research Team
The Forest DeFi Research Team develops in-depth reports and essays around all aspects of decentralized finance. In-depth, industry-leading research is something members of Dartmouth Blockchain pride themselves on, and the Forest DeFi Research Team plans to continue that output through this project. The team's 22F focus will be on primary risk vectors in DeFi borrowing and lending markets, and it plans to publish a paper on this topic by the end of 22F.
Team: Aaron Xie, Ben Romero, Nicolás Schaievitch, Robbie Blank
Stealth Analytics Dashboard (unnamed)
This *stealth* Analytics Dashboard is yet to be named; the team is working on amplifying access to data that can help inform investment decisions. By the end of 22F, the team plans to have a Flutter app/website live along with promotional materials to begin product expansion come 23W.
Team: Atharv Agashe, Amayr Babar, Andy Trinh
Pine Podcast
The Pine Podcast will conduct a series of conversations with guests from around the blockchain ecosystem with a focus on Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and staff focused on or interested in blockchain technology. The Pine Podcast plans to have at least 4 episodes live by the end of 22F to continue expansion into 23W.
Team: Sunint Bindra, Jack Brustkern, Luke Putelo, Mark Lovett
Disclaimer: The Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society is not directly associated with any of these projects. Members of the club meet to chat about what they are building outside of the club. The club (Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society) does not manage funds or do any form of collaboration with outside organizations or companies. Any outside organization or company using Dartmouth Blockchain branding is not permitted by Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society.