Past Projects

A short breakdown on the projects some Core members worked on independently in the past
We love to showcase what our members have worked on outside of the club. Feel free to reach out to any of the team members below if you want to support or hear more about their projects.
This project was a research piece a team worked on in collaboration with dYdX during the spring of 2022. Decentralized governance is an area with major benefits if executed correctly; the team saw flaws in the current governance system of most DAOs and took a term to research a few potential solutions in collaboration with the governance team at dYdX.
Team: Charlie Ambrose, Amayr Babar, Max Sclar
​Autonoma (Spring 2022)
Autonoma is a protocol whitepaper a team worked during the spring of 2022. Autonoma is an idea to facilitate the creation, issuance, and redemption of principal tokens (PTs) and yield tokens (YTs) for vault positions. The goal of Autonoma is to be a permissionless and universal yield tokenization factory for all vault positions, starting with ERC-4626 compliant vaults. The protocol is open, non-rent-seeking, and aims towards complete decentralization. The team did not continue work on Autonoma due to a variety of factors, but it was a great project that led to more connections and ideas.
Team: Atharv Agashe, Alex Craig, Aaron Xie
During the spring and early summer of 2022, a teams team worked on a deep dive into Centrifuge, which seeks to unlock liquidity for real-world assets. The team dove into the mechanisms and tokenomics behind Centriuge as well as its potential going forward. This report was done in collaboration with Block49 Capital and the Centrifuge team.
Team: Jack Brustkern, Jackson Gerard, Luke Putelo
Disclaimer: The Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society is not directly associated with any of these projects. Members of the club meet to chat about what they are building outside of the club. The club (Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society) does not manage funds or do any form of collaboration with outside organizations or companies. Any outside organization or company using Dartmouth Blockchain branding is not permitted by Dartmouth Blockchain Student Society.